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16 October, 2014
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Surfing Berlin


Last Year about this time of year I introduced you to Ira Mowen. This year Ira finally seems to be ready to take the next big step with his Surf documentary.

Through a Kickstarter campaign Ira is trying to raise enough Money to finish his Surf documentary. As a native Berliner who I am, I loooooove the project and the idea to promote Berlin as a kind of surf spot, lol 😛

But dudes and dudettes we all know Berlin is not Munich with the famous River wave Eisbach, is no Cantabria with the big sand beaches and definitely is not Tenerife where now in October we have 30° C and lots of great surf spots.

Ira, the crazy man from California surfs a very certain wave. It only appears once a day. Produced by a 30-year old ferry ship this wave is a real challenge to catch. This Ferry is about to be replaced by a modern one. But eventually the Berlin Wave will disappear then. This one single wave per day.

Surf Berlin is a not just another Surf Movie, it is a documentary about a man’s search for the last wave out there in the Berlin Winter.

one wave per day

As you know how Kickstarter works, all or nothing, Ira needs our support to realize the project. There are a lot of cool goodies for supporters and donations.

And the next time you are spending you vacation on a Surf trip in Tenerife and enjoy the warm water and the great surf spots, think of old Ira who Is freezing his b** off in the Berlin Winter trying to catch the last German wave.

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