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20 August, 2013
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Surfspots in Cantabria


Without any doubt home is where your heart is and mine beats for Playa Cuberris, Ajo, Cantabria. But just in case you want to see more of Cantabria and get to know it´s Surfspots here is a little guide to Cantabria´s Surfspots.


Playas de Ajo you can reach within 5 minutes walking down the street from the AtlantikSurf Surfcamp. The Beachbreack is perfect for Beginners and advanced Surfers as well. It is our primary spot to teach surfing.
Playa Cuberris (Big sandy beach): 250m long sand beach in a beautiful bay. Big parking, Cafés and Restaurants close by. Venue for many Beach volleyball tournaments and my preferred sport.
Playa Antuerta also called the Cala: 150m long sand beach right next tot he Cuberris bay. Frames with green steep coast, a real diamond.

Laredo became a popular seaside village, unfortunately now a little bit covered in concrete and holiday facilities. The several kilometers long sand beach, Playa de Laredo, offers some peaks rolling nicely over some boulders. The beach lies protected from west till northwest winds but is only worth it by bigger swells.

Noja is known to be our famous party destination, but you can actually surf here as well. Noja is another nice village by the seaside with a long sand beach. Playa de Ris, is one of them and has some nice waves for surfing. In the summer it gets quite crowded.
Playa El Ris: Beachbreack, Peak with potent lefthanders, better for advanced surfers.

Playa de Somo is a long sand beach right behind the sand dune, it lays a little bit protected in a bigger bay. Due to it´s proximity to Santander it gets often quite crowded. The waves offer a high potential for good surf sessions so. Somo´s appeal lies in the mixture of city, beach, dunes, surf lifestyle.


Langre, is another Beachbreack, close to Galizano. Depending on the swell good for Beginners and intermediate surfers.

Of course there are a lot of other Surfspots in Cantabria but we want to back in the Surfcamp for dinner with AtlantikSurf right?!

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