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Surftrip Cantabria


Surfer Dudes and Dudettes,

It´s only a few days left and then HERE WE GO AtlantikSurf, Ajo, Cantabria. If you due to chaotic life planning skills like me?! still wondering how do I actually get to the beach? Well this is the ultimate guide how to start this surftrip to Cantabria.


By Car:
Relatively easy and above all full flexibility if you come by car. Ok here on the continent we drive on the right side of the road, but I stink you already knew. Strap the boards on to the roof and hit the road. Here we prepared a route planner  for you. Surely some hours of driving lie ahead of you. Hang in there! The advantage of full flexibility once you reached Cantabria is unquestionable, for trips to Bilbao or Santander or to other venues in Cantabria. To hang in there here is a little Surf Road Trip Soundtrack  to keep up the surf feeling and motivation ;-).

Car Sharing/ lift:
If you do not have a car on your own, simply don´t want to drive alone or share petrol costs, I would recommend car sharing. I drove last year with Karo from AtlantikSurf, her sister, her dog, 2 surfborads and a looooooot of luggage to Ajo. And we hat so much fun on our girls-only trip!! You get to know people and the surf feeling starts directly leaving home. You are very welcome to use our Facebook  page to announce or look for a lift to Ajo. Otherwise here is a little collection of (Surf-)forums to find a lift that brings you to the sea. Even this are german forums, people will understand you in english!

  • Surfdevil
  • Surfforum Oase


By Plane:
Generally easy and quick. Since Ajo is right next to Santander and close to Bilbao you have a broad range of possibilities to fing a cheap flight, Ryanair for example. And the Surfboard? Certainly you want to bring it along. Skyscanner just released a pricelist oft he most commong airlines to transport your board. Unfortunately in spanish, but you will catch the most impostant without understanding spanish.

So let´s keep rooling. See you soon in Ajo!

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