Only 3 events left and we’ll have a champion

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Only 3 events left and we’ll have a champion

Ladies and gentleman, there are only 3 major events left to see who will be the 2018-19 champion of the world. Right now, Filipe Toledo (BRA) is 1st with 49,785 points; Gabriel Medina (BRA) is second with 45,685 points and Julian Wilson (AUS) is 3rd with 37,125 points. As you know, ending an event first gives you 10,000 points, which means that Wilson won’t be able to catch Toledo even if he wins the next event at the Quicksilver Pro France. On the other hand, Gabriel Medina is only at 4,000 points aprox. so he can end up first if he wins in France but depending on how Toledo finishes. I don’t think Toledo will let anyone get near him, although if you take a look at the Jeep Leaderboard, you’ll see that Medina has won the last two events so he is very fit and willing to make 3 in a row.

So what now? Now we have the Quicksilver PRO France and do you know who won it last year? Yeah you guessed right, it was Gabriel Medina. So he knows the place, he feels comfortable in France and he knows he won last year’s event so it’s really going to be difficult for others to catch up. This man is pure talent and is going to give his best to win this event, but will Toledo and Wilson let him? Can’t wait for it to start.

On the other hand, we’ve got the girls as well, but they have only 10 events per year, not 11 like men, so their rankings is even more tight right now although unless a miracle happens only two Pro surfers can win the title: Stephanie Gilmore (Australia) current Number 1 and Lakey Peterson (USA) current number 2. Why? Because Tatiana Weston-Webb from Brazil is number 3 but she is 20,000 points away from Gilmore and 13 thousand points away from Peterson. We also have to remember that poor Tyler Wright has been injured for four events, and I say poor because she obviously had chances to win this year as she was the 2017 champion of the world. Girls have to compete in the Roxy PRO France and finally at the Hawaii Women’s Pro and that will be it. Good luck to everyone and if you want to be like them come and learn to surf in Tenerife.

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