Women’s world title is even tighter than men’s

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9 November, 2017
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Women’s world title is even tighter than men’s



If a couple of weeks ago we said that up to 4 guys were possible contenders for the Men’s Surfing most highest Title (men’s Championship Tour), we must say that when it comes to women, there are up to 5 possible contenders ! Sally FitzgibbonsTyler WrightCourtney ConlogueCarissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. The difference between Gilmore and Fitzgibbons is only 7 thousand points aproximately, and knowing that you get 10,000 points if you win you might realize how tight it is.

Maui Women’s Pro is the last contest to see who is finally going to end up in a first position. As said by the World Surf League itself, even taking a look at pasts contests, it is very difficult to guess who will win. This post from the WSL explains it all. There is something very important that we should highlight regarding Sally Fitzgibbons and it is that: “After ratings are adjusted (each surfer’s top 8 results are what count in the final tally) the lowest result in her scoreline will be a 5th place,” says the WSL. ON the other hand, Sally has only reached Maui’s final once !

Tyler Wright hasn’t performed as well as 2016 but she is still second and her worst score is a 5th position. If she manages to get to the semi finals, she will have plenty of options to win the tournament.

Conlogue is the underdog in this fight, but that is good for her because she has less pressure, whatever she does this year she will be happy and everybody will give her merit. Who knows who knows ?

Moore is an expert at Maui, she’s made the final for the past and consecutive three years, so since 2014. She has plenty to say in Maui. For her to win, Sally and Tyler can’t make the Semis. And Courtney can’t make the Final.

Gilmore has won the event on three occasions and as the WSL says, she gets better as the waves do. If the waves are big and strong, Gilmore will have plenty of chances of winning at Maui, and who knows ?

Can’t wait to see the final scores in the ranking. From Atlantik Surf we want you to become the next champion, why not taking some Surfing lessons in Tenerife ?


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