Julian Wilson wins in France and tightens world title

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9 October, 2018
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17 October, 2018
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Julian Wilson wins in France and tightens world title

Julian Wilson

Let’s be honest, who expected this win? Well the truth is that it’s the best news for the spectator, because if Filipe Toledo or Gabriel Medina had won it, then Wilson would have had very little chances to win the 2018 world title, but what now?

The WSL ranking is as tight as ever with Gabriel Medina 1st with 51,770 points, Filipe Toledo 2nd with 51,450 points and Julian Wilson 3rd with 47,125 points, which means that these three surfers are the only contenders unlessa miracle happens for Italo Ferreira, who would have to win the next two events and pray for the first 3 to do really bad on them.

With a difference of only 4 thousand points between the 3rd and the 1st, anything can happen, it’s just as tight as last year, where the title wasn’t defined until the end of the competition.

Another thing to highlight is the Brazilian supremacy in Surfing in 2018. Among the first 4 best surfers in the world right now, 3 of them are from Brazil: Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo and Italo Ferreira. Then of course Australia who has 4 surfers among the top ten, and then we have a lonely South African who is fighting for his country, currently number 5, Jordy Smith, who can also end up in the podium depending on his and others’ performance in the last two events: MEO Rip Curl PRO Portugal and Billabong Pipe Masters.

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