Italo Ferreira wins the 2018 Rip Curl’s PRO Bells Beach

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2 April, 2018
Mick Fanning attacked by shark
Margaret River Pro Cancelled after shark attacks
18 April, 2018
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Italo Ferreira wins the 2018 Rip Curl’s PRO Bells Beach

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Italo Ferreira from Brazil has won the 2018 Rip Curl’s PRO Bells Beach. Mick Fanning finishes Runner-Up on his last season as a professional. Patrick Gudauskas and Gabriel Medina were thrown out of the competition by Mick Fanning and Italo Ferreira, although Medina got a total score of 14.10, only 1.90 points behind Ferreira, who got to the final and won it. Congratulations!

Now we know that Julian Wilson won the first event of the season at the Gold Coast, Australia. Then we went on to the second Australian based event of the season at Bells Beach and a Brazilian called Italo Ferreira has won it. So how is the Jeep Leaderboard rankings right now?

Julian Wilson remains first but with the same amount of points as second: Italo Ferreira. Mick Fanning is third and Owen Wright and Michel Bourez are 4th, also with the same points. Last year we saw how rankings fluctuate mercilessly. It is amazing to admit that it’s very difficult to predict the winner of any surfing event. So what now?

Now we head to the third Australian beach and event in the competition. Let’s go to the Margaret River PRO, which is 3.100 miles away from the Gold Coast. The opposite side of the huge Australian country: West Side some say ! Wanna take a guess of the winner? Want to become the next Ferreira? join our Surfing lessons in Tenerife.


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