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Carissa Moore conquers J-Bay

Carissa Moore

A powerful Carissa Moore

So Carissa Moore not only wins the Jeffrey’s Bay Corona Open but she climbs up to first position in the WSL Women Rankings that you might want to see if you click the previous link. The thing remains tight as Sally Fitzgibbons goes to second position, Stephanie Gilmore remains third, Lakey Peterson climbs up one position to numer 4 and Caroline Marks, the rookie that we wrote about last week, remains in number 5.

Semifinals were tough and comprised by 4 americans actually, only that in Surf people from Hawaii aren’t considered Americans and they compete for their own flag. Caroline Marks and Lakey Peterson (US) confronted Carissa Moore and Malia Manuel from Hawaii. The same happens in Europe, where the Canary Islands -where our surf school is based-, don’t appear as Spain, they appear as IC or CI in Surfing competitions, I think it was establsihed like that to respect people and surfing from the islands instead of giving protagonism to mainland Spain and so on.

The final was and amazing fight between Carissa Moore and Lakey Peterson. Moore achieved an overall 15.47 after a 8.50 and a 6.97 while Lakey Peterson made two goods 7.27 and 7.33, so it was quite close after all. Moore earns 10,000 points are Peterson 7,800 so this leaves a tight fight for women until the end.

Among the 10 first women surfers in the current ranking, there are 3 americans, 2 australians, 2 from Hawaii and one each from Brazil, Costa Rica and France. Let’s see how this ends up and if you’d like to be there in a couple of years time, come to our Surf School in Tenerife or our Surf Camp in Spain. Book now ! Learn to surf with Atlantik Surf.

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