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24 March, 2015
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15 April, 2015
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First of all, HAPPY EASTER to all of you. I hope you’re also enjoying a few days of freedom and relax. If so, it’s not going to be too hard for you to imagine the following situation:

You just finished all your exams, your internship or maybe you’re just a lucky person and have a few weeks of, in which you definately have to spend all that money that you earned lately 😉

Now the question is: what would you do??

Go partying? Well yes, maybe a few nights.. Then it can get quite boring and also the hangovers really don’t do any good to my surfing, right?!

How about travelling?! Getting to know new countries and cultures, surfimg new waves?! Sounds good to me.

Or rather go and make the world a better place, volunteering in one of thousands of great projects all over the world? Surfing vs. Volunteering – tough decission! Or maybe not?

The answer is Surf Volunteering. On my last trip I got in touch with this topic by coincidence and was absolutely amazed.
If you’re interested in this great mix of travelling, surfing and helping others, you should definately check out the following websites..

Surf Volunteering


WAVES creates life-enriching experiences in coastal communities through Education initiatives that develop youth into healthy & empowered adults and Surf Voluntourism that engages travelers & transforms their views of the world and themselves. ”

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

GIVE AND SURF in Panama:
Education and Community Development


Surf and language classes for disadvataged kids in South Africa.

Get inspired!

Two big thumps up from the AtlantikSurf Team for this very caring way of living our favourite sport.

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