Advice for more fun in the water…

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28 February, 2015
2 April, 2015
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Advice for more fun in the water…

This week it happend again. After a few hours of frustration in the water I finally gave up and left the water with a strong desire of smashing my board on the beach. A few weeks without a surf session and you seem to have lost all your skills?! But why? I didn´t do anything weird..or did I?

The AtlantikSurf Team knows about those problems very well. And if we think about, in the end, or well, at the beginning we all pretty much struggle with the same things. Today I wrote down a few of these typical problems and try to give some advice straight away.

  1. Successful Paddling

One of the best known troubles: “What the? I AM already paddling as much as I can, why didn´t I catch the wave…AGAIN??”
Try to: dig deep and do strong and long strokes. Start paddling 2-3m before the waves hits the tail of your board and even then do at least 3 powerful strokes more before you pop up.

  1. Falling off early

Well, once you figured out the paddling and are happily up on your board and on your feet but then always fall off before you can ride the wave down to the beach.

Try to: make sure to be in the right position. Don´t forget to have your feet in a shoulderwide distance from each other and bend your knees. Do not just lean forward with your upper body as you will lose balance and fall.

crowded spot

  1. Help! All these people!

The classic one! Mostly for us girls it´s the most anoying part: “Jeeeez, I so wanted to go but have you seen al those people sitting there?” – Don´t worry. Even after a few years in your spot of confidence this can still ruin your session.

Try to: sit a bit further away from the peak, especially if you are a beginner or at a new spot fpr the frist time.

There are really nice and smaller waves closer to the beach that are good fun to catch, too. Once you want to go all the way up there to the real peak, make sure to not get into the way of other surfers. Always try to paddle into the white water.

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