2 April, 2015
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25 April, 2015
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Surfskates – i like!

15th of April, Easter holidays are over and the sunshine is knocking on my window every morning. I can basically feel that summer is coming. On the one hand this is great news because it means that there will be heaps of beach fun, outdoor parties and long, warm summer nights for us, here in Tenerife, the home base of AtlantikSurf. On the other hand, unfortunately this also means less storms and good winter swells on the north coast of the island, as those of you who follow this blog every now and then probabely already know from former posts. So, there is only one way – we have to find alternatives.

There are different options: you could get your dusty running shoes out of the closet or buy a new yoga mat. But let’s be honest, none of those options is a serious compensation for surfing, am I right?

New SurfSkate with V-truck 360° rotation
What else is there then? Yes, of course, skating!

Nowadays there’s a really wide variety of sweet skateboards, especially fitted for surfers. Personally, i’m quite impressed by the new surfskates (as you can see in the picture). The speciality is “The V-Truck [that] allows you to do a carve, or a power turn, as if you were surfing.” …with its a 360° rotation.

You can buy this nice little toy e.g. here.

If you need help choosing the right fit for you, have a quick read through the homepage of smoothstar.

Nice shapes for an absolute surf feeling

For the actual practise I’m sure you can find a nice skatepark nearby. (And yes, I know very well that there’s always a bunch of mini skaters that kick our asses big time, but don’t worry – think about how much the practise can help you impress the others in the water later 😉 )

Also, check out these videos that explain how you practise different turns and tricks on your skateboard.

And if you still prefer to go surfing instead of braking bones on the asphalt streets, come visit us in Tenerife. I promise, you will find some small but lovely waves all year round. Especially for beginners, there’s no need for 3m waves, is there?! Check out the AtlantikSurf website for surf classes on our beautiful island. We will be happy to see you!

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