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26 November, 2014
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Tenerife my Winterlove


After the Christmas goose with dumplings, several liters of mulled wine and of course the beloved Christmas cookies you gained one or two pounds too? …. One would have to start the New Year with sports? ….Why don´t you just throw these New Year’s resolutions over beard and do what’s really fun?

If your biggest Christmas wish this year was “to go surfing and cure my wanderlust” and you still have no plans for January and February, what keeps you from one week sun and surf in Tenerife? There are currently cheap flights starting at 50 € from the UK to Tenerife. If you want to bring your surfboards, have a close look for the prices and consider wisely whether it is even worth it.

Here at AtlantikSurf we have a huge selection of surf materials. From Surfboards in different shapes and sizes, over wetsuits, till leash – we have it all. And for the Body Border we provide Bodyboards and flippers in almost all sizes.

This winter in the Canary Islands have really a lot to offer: I’ve just come back to Tenerife from the home leave in Berlin. In Berlin today fell the first snow and it was -8 ° C (in words minus eight degrees). Here in Tenerife I got off the plane and there were relaxing 23 ° C. So in less than 5 hours flight from Northern Germany we gained 31 ° C temperature difference. Olé olé olé.

The Canary Islands are the Hawaii of Europe and the winter season is surf season. In a 3’2 wetsuit you will certainly not be cold as the Atlantic has also in winter an average temperature of around 20 ° C.

As of mid-February, the carnival starts in the Canary Islands. Outside of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the second-largest carnival in the world. Unlike the Cologne Carnival it is easy to survive without frostbite, hehehe. So don´t miss this opportunity to escape the northern winter and get you tanned in the sun and learn to surf in the warm Atlantic.

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