Surfboards made from wine corks

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27 January, 2015
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28 February, 2015
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Surfboards made from wine corks

I took part in a beach clean up about 3 weeks ago, and in the following days I thought a lot about recycling. Because in addition to countless plastic bottles and car tires brought to the beach by the tides, we found also a lot of garbage pieces that definitely belong to surfers: single flippers of bodyboarders, torn off leash, many lost Finns and also parts of the surfboard itself. And are particularly concerned about the cleanliness of the water and the sustainability of projects.

In practice, different products are now used, such as those surfboards from cork of a company from Murcia, South Spain, with the special name, RichPeopleThings.

Since surfing is completely connected with and through nature, nothing is better than to use a sustainable raw material for the manufacture of boards. The idea came from two young Spaniards. They colected the corks from volunteer donors. Thank God that Spain is a wine country.


After sorting all corks by size and placing them in the correct form, the attacks are fused together with beeswax and pine resin. Less efficient materials than those who are found in industrial production, but much more eco-friendly.

The result is stunning! Cork is highly recommended for surfboards due to its characteristics, it is waterproof, lightweight, flexible and offers good support for the surfers to bring to a better performance in the water.

But see for yourself:

All surfboards are exclusively customised and handmade. If you ordered a board you have to wait about two months for the delivery but it’s worth it! In addition, a portion of the profits to organizations that use surfing as a therapy tool or social rehabilitation, donated.

Here at AtlantikSurf we love the idea and of course we recycle!

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