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13 May, 2011
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“Soul Surfer”


A lesson in courage, bravery, pride, self-improvement. All this and much more embodies the new movie that premiered in theaters on April 13, 2012, Soul Surfer, a beautiful story that will thrill surfers from around the world.

This film is based on a fascinating true story of a young girl who despite having lost his left arm after a shark attack at age 13, decided to pose the challenge to participate and succeed in a professional surfing championship.

Anna Sophia Robb leads the cast of actors giving life to the talented main character Bethany Hamilton. His brother Tom is played by Dennis Quaid while actress Helen Hunt gives life to their mother, Cheri Hamilton.

Rounding out the cast of supporting actors from the likes of Carrie Underwood, winner of the fourth season of American Idol, Kevin Sorbo, Lorraine Nicholson, Ross Thomas, and Jeremy Sumpter.

It’s a cool movie to enjoy, but not the typical surf, beaches and pretty girls. It has a clear message to offer to the audience who may want.

The filming took place in Hawai in early 2010 and Anna was placed SophiaRobb green sleeve on his arm for the visual effects could be added in post production and create the actual appearance of Hamilton. The additional filming was done in Tahiti in August 2010.

It is a film destined to be a real blockbuster among both young and the United States and Spain.

If you are amazed with the deeds that made ??the protagonist and they get hooked to prove, can go to the best specialists in surf in Spain.

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