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11 April, 2012
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Quiksilver Boardriders Week


Everything is ready. Countdown finished. Start a new edition of the Quiksilver Boardriders Week, setting different shifts from April to October 2012 in the French town of Hossegor to form a sort of camp for young people interested in the world of surfing and skateboarding.

This is an intensive week of training in this second edition has the novelty of opening its doors to skaters.

All those selected will have the privilege of staying at Villa Landaise, a mansion decomunal redesigned Quiksilver’s creative team, located on the outskirts of the town of Hossegor gala, a municipality emplazadoen the Aquitaine region, in the Landes department, very near Biarritz and the Spanish border in the Basque Country.

Students will enjoy a spectacular resort with spacious rooms spacious and all designed habitat for leisure and fun, as it has among its facilities with an indoor beach volleyball, beach soccer field, trampoline, football, ping pong, pool, screening room, etc..

According to the planing planned surfers train 5 hours a day to improve or perfect your technique.

If you are attracted to this proposal but do not want to travel that far, may choose to enroll at Surf School in Tenerife.

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