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Most Dangerous Beaches in Tenerife

Where to surf Norht tenerife

So you like danger, you don’t want to go to the normal beaches to surf, you prefer going to the dangerous ones with big, strong waves and currents to avoid masification, ok, then let us provide you with the most dangerous beaches in Tenerife, the Hawaii in Europe.

  • Punta del Hidalgo: This town belongs to La Laguna, the former capital of Tenerife and the universitary city, next to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Punta del Hidalgo is locally called ‘La playa de la Laguna’ which means the beach of La Laguna. Here is where the surf movie called ‘San Borondón’ was filmed. Please take a look at it. Although those swells only come once per year, Punta del Hidalgo has several surfing spots, it’s far away from the typical tourists areas and specially in winter swells come quite big, for surfers who like danger.
  • El Bravo: El Bravo is the name of a wave that only appears from time to time. It’s very near the touristic beach of Punta Brava o Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz. Here you need Tow-In Surfing in order to get the waves, you won’t be able to paddle them, and although it doesn’t get as big as Punta del Hidalgo it might be even more dangerous because of the virgin and pointy rocks that you have to deal with as you surf the wave down. Take a look at Tow In at El Bravo.
  • El Bollullo: Yes, El Bollullo. Many people visit El Bollulo because it is quite touristic, beatiful and has two bars-restaurants where to drink and eat but, El Bollullo, when big, is one of the most dangerous beaches and waves in the whole island, because the wave is strong, thick and shorebreak, so although you get stamped to the sand, that sand has always got big and pointed stones that can cut you off. I’ve personally seen plenty of tourists and even locals seriously damaged. You can surf these waves, but you have to know that the safest part of the wave is in the tube, if you miss the tube the lip will break you against the sand violently. If not, why do you think El Bollullo has a cave with thousands of wooden crosses? It’s because of all the people that have drowned there and the people who don’t want to drown on their free day.
  • El Socorro: El Socorro is a beach break so it depends on the sand in the bottom, this is why El Socorro has changed so much but there is one thing that hasn’t changed: Currents and Strength. El Socorro in Los Realejos is tricky, be careful, even when it seems there are little waves you might not get to the line-up because of the currents, but if you are a danger freak wait for it to be big and get in, don’t blame us for it !
  • El Charco: El Charco is in Bajamar in the north and virgin part of the island, far away from the touristic south and masification. Ideal to eat fish and ‘papas arrugadas’ after a dangerous surf session. Before going, take a look at surfing websites to see if there are waves or not, if there are, get your surfing van and get ready for rumble at El Charco. This is reef break, big and strong waves for you to enjoy.

If you want similiar content, take a look at The Biggest Waves in Tenerife, check out the videos as well. And if you want to learn how to surf first, take our surfing lessons in Tenerife.

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