J.J. Florence and Conlogue won at Bells Beach

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J.J. Florence and Conlogue won at Bells Beach

John John Florence (Hawaii) won the Men’s Rip Curl’s Pro Bells Beach, the second event of the World Surf League, so after getting a third place at the Australian Gold Coast, he jumped up to the 1st position of the Men’s Ranking.

The final was between John John Florence and Filipe Toledo, from Brazil, who ended up 9th on the first event so that takes him to the current 4th position, climbing up 5.

Italo Ferreira is current number 2 in the ranking as he was 1st in Gold Coast but 5th in Pro Bells Beach. And now we all must leave Australia to move on to Bali, Indonesia, where the Corona Bali Protected awaits.

When it comes to women, Courtney Conlogue won this last event but as she ended up 9th on the first event, she is currently number 3. Caroline Marks from the US is number 1 after getting 1st in Gold Coast and a third position in Pro Bells Beach. Current number 2nd is Malia Manuel from Hawaii and 4th is Carissa Moore also from Hawaii.

Caroline Marks deserves a complete post in Atlantik Surf, she is only 17, last year at 16 she ended up 6th in the ranking, being a rookie, her first year on tour. We’ll make a post of her. Hang on tight! And if you want to become the next Caroline Marks, come and learn to surf in Tenerife.

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