J.J. Florence wins second world title in a row

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13 December, 2017
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20 December, 2017
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J.J. Florence wins second world title in a row

JEEP Rankings Leader and current World Champion John John Florence of Hawaii advanced to the Quarterfinals after winning Heat 2 of Round Four at the Quik Pro Gold Coast, Australia.

John John Florence didn’t win the Pipeline Masters (French surfer Jeremy Flores did), but he has just become the current 2017 Champion of the world as he finished 2nd at Pipeline getting 8.000 points and therefore endind up the championship 1st in the ranking with 59,600 points and a total amount of 322,500 dollars on his pocket !

On Round Four John John Florence was fighting against Brazilian Caio Ibelli and when the score was announced the Brazilian was winning the round when only 2 minutes were left. But then, in only 180 seconds John John got the lead again thanks to a couple of good old barrels. When he finished his last bonus barrel, Florence just looked at the judges, which is the only way in which Florence can claim as he is so educated and calm, but his gaze achieved what he wanted, a super score on the last moment.

ON the other hand, Gabriel Medina was menacing J.J. Florence’s possible title, and his fans thought that Kelly Slater could be their man against Medina in order to favour John John, but Medina destroyed Kelly Slater, who has missed several events this year due to an injury, although he will always be the Pipe Master.

Jeremy Flores was in charge of beating Medina, if that hadn’t happened perhaps J.J. wouldn’t have ended up first. Who knows? The fact is that French Jeremy Flores won Pipeline and finishes 15 in the table, which gives an extra motivation to all the surfing fans that need competitivity. It’s incredible to see how this sport isn’t like any other, waves and breaks are different wherever you go, and a guy who is 15 on the table can beat you at all time Pipeline, just an incredible season. Thank you all for making this happen! Come and learn to surf in our Surfing Lessons in Tenerife.

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