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The First Surfing Family

Surfing Family

'Doc' and some of his Kids

If you are a true surfer you might have dreamt of going on a never-ending Surf Trip and raise dozens of children in a surfing manner. Well this is what one of the most influential surfers of all times did: Dorian Paskowitz, aka ‘Doc’.

According to the website, he spent “nearly 25 years on the road, living in a succession of used campers. It is, quite possibly, the world’s longest surf trip. He and his wife raised nine children in those campers, soaking them in the ocean and their idea of how life should be lived.”

Dorian Doc Paskowitz

Dorian Doc Paskowitz

Born in Texas in 1921 Dorian was raised in a Jewish family, he graduated as a doctor at Stanford Medical School when he reached 25 years old. After a successful career as a doctor, he convinced his wife, Juliette, to start a Surfing Trip on a used camper van to what would become one of the most interesting surf-centric lives ever. Doc and Juliette ended up raising 9 children in a number of different vans, and they were always on the move. His vision on education, health and how humans should spend their lives didn’t mingle with society’s standards but his children were steeped into his ideals and grew up entirely surrounded by Surfing and Surfers.

Dorian Doc Paskowits and Wife Juliette

Doc and Wife Juliette

Doc appears in a 10 man list of the Most influential surfers of all time, something he wouldn’t admit, and he created a project called “Surfing for Peace” in which he, alongside with his son DavidArthur Rashovan and Kelly Slater delivered free surfboards to the little surfing community of GAZA. Doc died in 2014 but he will also be remembered as the first man to create the First Surfing Family, but we at Atlantik Surf, are the biggest surfing family in the world. 😉 Take a look at our Facebook Fan Page to check out your new Surfing Family.

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