Italo Ferreira wins at the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast

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5 April, 2019
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12 April, 2019
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Italo Ferreira wins at the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast

Oh My , Oh My! So a Brazilian won in a competition that had always been dominated by Aussies ! Congratulations Italo Ferreira (Brazil – June 6, 1994), a surfer that has been in the World Surf League since 2015 and that in 2018, conquered three events: MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, Corona Bali Protected and the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Quarterfinal: The Quarterfinal was comprised by 4 heats of two surfers each: Heat 1: John John Florence vs Conner Coffin; Heat 2: Seth Moniz vs Kolohe Andino; Heat 3: Gabriel Medina vs Jordy Smith and Heat 4: Italo Ferreira vs Wade Carmichael.

Semifinals were as tough as can be ! John John Florence lost against Kolohe Andino and on the other hand, Jordy Smith was defeated by Italo Ferreira. So this means that this time, in 2019, there were no Australians on Semifinals.

So the Final had 2018 rank 11th Kolohe Andino from the USA and Italo Ferreira from Brazil, a surfer that ended up 4th last year. It was a regular stance surfer against a goofy and the latter one. Do you want to become the best surfer in the world like them? Start with some surfing lessons in Tenerife this summer, at Atlantik Surf.

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