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How to make your own Indoboard

To crush your balance, to awaken those dozened muscles of knees and hips, to get your ankles out of their eternal lethargy, to take a walk through your imagination and ride Tahiti tubes in your living room, to train with exercises you could never imagine , to have a laugh or just to start having fun in your life… For all this and much more, all you need is a board and a pipe, an Indoboard. This is a translation of Luigier’s Crest post called Cómo hacer tu propio Indoboard.

There are different types of Indoboards

There is something for all tastes. Each works different movements and can be used with different boards and tubes. These are the main types:

  • Indoboard: The most famous, you put the tube perpendicular to the table. From € 150.
  • Balanceboard: Instead of a tube, it has a hemisphere. From € 20.
  • Goofboard: The tube is placed parallel to the table. I call it the ‘movidón’. From € 150.

Make it yourself from 0€

Find a tube or a pipe. It is usually the hardest part. You will find it in a good construction where they might be putting pipes everywhere. The thicker the better. Approach and ask if they have a piece left over for you, you don’t need much. To use it in a perpendicular way you’ll need between 15 and 20 cm of diameter and 30 or 40 cm long. To use it in parallel you’ll need less than 10 cm in diameter and about 80 cm long.

Search for a board. Minimum 70 cm long and 30 cm wide, more or less but it can have the dimensions you want.

Cut the board, or not. You can leave it square or with rounded edges. I like to shape it like a surfboard. For this I use BoardCAD, a program with which you make the shape, print it and cut the table. Then sand it well so it doesn’t have splinters.

Put some ends on it. Fundamental. I usually put four ‘taquitos’, one in each corner, with the wood left over, so I can use them as Indo or as Goof. If you want to use it only as Indo, put the ends on the nose and tail. If you want to use it as Goof put the ends on the edges.

To start lean on a good chair or railing until you get some practice. Then you can even remove the ends if you are brave and have no appreciation of life. Have fun, practice and if there are waves, you’d rather want to go and catch them. If you don’t know how and want to learn, come to our Surf School in Tenerife. You can also meet our colleagues at the Surfcamp in Cantabria.

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