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How to clean your wetsuit

how to clean a wetsuit

The wetsuit gives you super powers. It’s like when Batman puts on his suit and becomes invincible, like the god-style of the Doom videogame. For me it is the best invention of the twentieth century. Thanks to it surfing is at the level it is today and it makes it possible to surf all year. So we better take care of it. Let’s take a look how according to Luigier Crest. This is a translation of Cómo limpiar tu neopreno.

Take care of it every day

  • Keeping the wetsuit clean starts with taking care of it every time you use it, so never give up and follow these steps every time you use it:
  • Hang it properly in a place where it doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Put it on a hanger better than hanging on a rope. Outdoors better than indoors and if it is indoors make it well ventilated.
  • Turn it over every day until it dries well. The areas that remain wet are the cradle of bad smells.
  • One trick that can greatly extend the quality of life of the wetsuit is to take it off carefully. Do not step on it and pull the other side until it lets go. Go around slowly but do not overstretch it.

Clean the wetsuit when it smells bad

You might treat it like gold but it is inevitable to pee on it sometimes and you know it. Therefore from time to time it is mandatory to clean it:

  • Take a bucket and fill it with cold water up to a little more than a half.
  • Add some wetsuit shampoo. There are many brands of both surfing and diving. Dose according to your instructions as each one comes in a different concentration.
  • If it smells a lot instead of shampoo, it is best to use Mirazyme or a Listerine mouthwash to kill micro organisms. Add a couple of spoons to the bucket.
  • Enter the wetsuit in the bucket and put something heavy on it, it can be another smaller bucket full of water. Make sure it has no air inside and is completely submerged. Move it occasionally.
  • After half an hour, or as advised by the manufacturer of the product you added, hang it and dry it without rinsing.

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