Filipe Toledo wins the 2018 Rio Pro

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20 April, 2018
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Filipe Toledo wins the 2018 Rio Pro

Filipe Toledo

As said by the World Surf League, people see a difference when watching Brazilians cheer, but if you get to see Brazilians watching another Brazilian win a tournament, then you’ve seen it all. He’s done it again, Filipe Toledo wins the Rio PRO in front of a Brazilian crowd, with songs and cheers, and flags and food, all in their country going crazy for his surfer.

And now, if you get to see the rankings before Corona Bali PRO, we have Australian Julian Wilson in first position, followed by 3 Brazilians: Filipe Toledo, Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina. And it’s very interesting to see how the first 10 surfers in the rankings are not Europeans nor North American, apart from Ezekiel Lau who is from Hawaii.

And now what? Now we have to move to Indonesia ! Bali awaits, especifically the South East part of the island of Bali, in Keramas, where we find both left and right stunning waves.

Can’t wait to see how it goes, I wish I was there to see the tournament in Bali, but we are in Tenerife, not a bad island to live in at all, why don’t you come and learn to surf in Tenerife?

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