Filipe Toledo wins the Corona Open J-Bay 2017

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Filipe Toledo wins the Corona Open J-Bay 2017

Filipe Toledo Surfer

I don’t know if you have been able to see the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay as not many televisions in Spain decided to transmit the tournament (perhaps this is why Spain hasn’t got any current surfing champion) but it seems this 2017 one was a hectic one, a championship full of everything: sharks, turns, tubes, controversy and especially, spectacular surfing from many but especially from winner Filipe Toledo, Brazilian, April 16 1996 (22 years old) and with an ability to fly ! Take a look at this although this video isn’t from J-Bay but look at his speed and flying:

How did he win? On Quarter 3 he confronted Jordy Smith who is himself from South Africa and perhaps J-Bay is his current spot, so you shouldn’t beat Jordy Smith at home ! But he did, Filipe Toledo thrased everybody with his tricks, tubes, speed and flying.

Then on the Semifinal he had to fight against Julian Wilson (Australia, 28) who wasn’t able to surpass the mark of 6.33, while Filipe scored four 8s. Much of this is about the wave you choose to catch, well Filipe was perfect on this issue, always knowing what wave to choose.

Then on the Final, Filipe had to face Frederico Morais (1992, Portugal), here again, Filipe performed as never before, knowing what to do, being aggresive since his very first wave, hitting the waves with amazing turns and floaters and thus, he won ! BUt he still is 13th in the general ranking ! BUt now he is going to Teahupoo !

This is how the Ranking looks like after J-Bay:

2017 WSL Men’s Jeep Leaderboard (After Corona Open J-Bay):
1 – Matt Wilkinson 31,950 points
2 – John John Florence 31,700 points
3 – Jordy Smith 31,350 points
4 – Owen Wright 30,150 points
5 – Adriano de Souza 27,900 points

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