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Best Surf Spots in South Tenerife

Are you in South Tenerife and don’t want to come to the north of the island? It’s Ok ! You have plenty of surfing spots in the south, but just one thing, remember the south isn’t as beautiful as the north. South is desert, north is green. Nevertheless, water is always blue and waves are always fun. So where are the best surfing spots for intermediate to advance level in South Tenerife? Let’s go for it !

  1. El Conquistador (Playa de las Américas): 5 Stars. Medium difficulty. One of the best beaches to surf in the island. Ideal for surf and bodyboard as it has plenty of spots both right and left. Reef brake. South wind. Tubes. A left for all kind of swells. You have showers, parking and even a Burguer King !
  2. Las Conchas (Guía de Isora): 4 Starts. Difficult. These are quality waves in an Urban atmosphere. Reef break. South Wind. Right waves, fast and with tubes. Ideal for winter. You have everything like showers, bars, etc.
  3. Punta Blanca (Guía de Isora): 5 starts. Narutal environment. Protected by mountains, creating a micrclimates in which temperatures are always above 20 degrees. Up to 4 meter waves. Rock brake. Big waves, left and right. Advanced level. Also ideal for winter.
  4. Las Palmeras (Playa de las Américas): 5 stars. Medium difficulty. Ideal for Bodyboard. 365 days of surfing. There is always a wave to surf. A good left to surf in all kind of swells. Northwest swell. Ideal for winter, when several tournaments are held. You have all kind of needs very near.
  5. Las Galletas: 4 stars. Urban environment. Good old fishing town in the south, famous for its calmness. Big waves up to 3 meters. All kind of swells. Reef and sand breaks. You can surf at EL Muelle, La Peraltera and La Ballena. Three different spots with different waves. The latter, is a right that brakes over rocks !And if you want to learn to stand up and surf properly, try our Surfing Lessons in Tenerife.

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