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Welcome to our Surf School in Tenerifeand our Surfcamp in North Spain, Cantabria. If you want to learn to Surf in Spain you can come to us ! We have a 365 day surf school in Tenerifeand a Summer Surfing Camp in Cantabria, North Spain. Enjoy with our surf team, make friends and learn more than a sport!

Surf School in Tenerife

Our mobile surf & bodyboard school in TENERIFE opens all year. The only surf school offering you the best waves in order to learn or improve your surfing skills. Surf equipment included and transportassured from Puerto de la Cruz to the most suitable surf beaches according to your surf level! We are an official surf school provided with highly-qualified instructors. Limited capacity. Only over 16 years old.

Surf Camp in Cantabria

This summer 2017, our surfcamp opens from the 1st July to the 9th September. The perfect place to introduce yourself into the world of surfing or just improve your surfing skills with us. You will surf while you are having lot of fun, yoga and newfriends! Book it now! We only admit people over 16 years old.

Promotional Video Cantabria 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you can see our last summer in the surf camp in Ajo, Cantabria: surfing, fun, beach, ping pong, yoga, bike and horse back riding, sun, soccer, skating, sunrises and amazing sunsets, beach, incredible environment, nature, wonderful landscapes, beach volley… What else can be expected? Would you like to repeat it?


  • Early booking discount:-15%. Bookings confirmed before June, including payment.
  • Regular customer’s discount: -20%. We love that you return to our camp!
  • Groups’ discount: -10%. Groups of minimum 5 people

About Us

With an extensive experience in the world of surfing, Surf Atlantik team will help you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday

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