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21 April, 2013
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25 May, 2013
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Your first surf board: shapes


Wow, you really achieved a lot in the last couple of months:

You learned about swell generation and brakes, about tools to find the optimal conditions, and you went through theory, training and practice of your first wave – on the blog and if you read this probably also at Atlantik Surf. Now that you got your fist wetsuit and summer season is coming up, it’s time to think about your first own board! So, here we go!

The first thing you should think about when buying a board is und which conditions you probably gonna go surfing most. Do you mostly surf during summer in Europe? Then a Funshape or Egg might be the right choice so that you also have fun with smaller waves. Are you more experienced and especially also really hooked on surfing, then you won’t wanna miss the fall and winter season. In this case, a Shortboard is your shape of choice, if you can control it. For the summer season you might wanna consider a Fish or Longboard, if you have some more experience.

Most shapers offer beginner boards for all conditions, as long as you don’t wanna go straight into Big Wave surfing or complain that your last cutback just wasn’t snappy enough 😉 Für den Anfang bieten aber eigentlich alle Shaper ein paar Boards für fast alle Bedingungen an, solang ihr keine Big Waves surft und euch nicht beschwert, dass euer letzter Cutback einfach nicht snappy genug war… This website provides a good overview of surfboard shapes as well as the App iSurfboards.

Don’t forget though that every inch costs hard money once you take your board on a plain. Depending on your location, it sometimes is less pricy to rent out a board for a week or two, because transport is just too expensive except you are one of the lucky few with a decent surf bus.Of course, a boardbag is a must to protect your baby from the evil airport staff 😀

So much on shapes for the moment – stay tuned for the next post!

Stay tuned


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