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22 January, 2019
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19 February, 2019
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When is the new season starting?

WSL Season 2019

Dear surfing fans, it has been a long time for us since the 2018 season ended back in  December 18, and we all want to return to the good old competition days to get informed, see how the rankings move and get to know the best surfers in the world.

So when is the new 2019 World Surf League starting? The 2019 WSL season will start on April at the Quicksilver PRO Gold Coast. As we already know, the first two events of the year are always in Australia: The Quicksilver PRO Gold Coast followed by the Rip Curl PRO Bells Beach.

Who won the Quicksilver PRO Gold Coast last year or who is the defending Champion ? It was Australian Julian Wilson, which isn’t a surprise and in fact he ended the 2018 season on a good 2nd position, only behind number 1 Gabriel Medina from Brazil. Who will win this time and get first in the rankings?

And who is the Women defending Champion? Lakey Peterson from the US, a girl who also ended up second in 2018, strangely enough. So it seems that, at least during the 2018 season, the ones who got a first position in the first event ended up 2nd in the year’s season. how curious… what will happen this season?

Well we don’t know what will happen but we do know that Atlantik Surf has started the year 2019 as strong as ever, teaching dozens of pupils to surf. So if you want to come to the Canary Islands let me tell you that we are willing to give you the best surfing lessons in Tenerife.

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