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Weirdest Surfboards Ever

This is a translation of Luiger Crest’s post called Las Tablas de Surf más extrañas del mundo. Surfing can be a revolutionary thing nowadays but it really is a millenary sport. Surfboards for instance might have more years than the pyramids in Egypt. During the last 100 years they have evolved much but they still maintain an orthodox shape. Here you have the latest innovations and some other extravagant surfboards designs.

Trinity Surfboards

This is a technolgy developed in Spain by Aueronautic Engineers that brings a new shape for surfing. Every single surfboard in the world has a cruved edge towards the outside but Trinity’s technology brings the hyperbole to surf. The edges of these surfboards are concave as the snowboards, reducing the radius of a turn. Fireware liked this technology and made some models.

Asymmetrical Surfboards

Every surfer has a good side or a bad side. Curiously enough normally the bad side is when you give your back to the wave, backside surfing. So there is no way out, we must learn to surf both sides. This is why they invented asymmetrical surfboards. When you face the wave it has a shape to risk and when you go backside it has another shape that helps you get the wave. Some designs also include a different composition of keels(fins) for each side. There are several shpers that love this idea like Ryan Burch, Donald Brink or Carl Ekstrom.

80’s Skate

This is a very, I’m telling you very retro design. The best of it is that it doesn’t seem a surfboard design, it appears to be a huge skateboard from the 80’s. For sure the shape conquers one and of course people want to buy it !


Hydroflex isn’t a surfboard’s shape, it’s a technology to build them. These surfboards have a very special glaze with which they get some air inside the board. We can give it more or less air inside with an inflator, as it were a football, so that the flex of the board gets tougher. Nearly every shaper has said that they will use this technology in the future.

The Dick

Nobody wanted to innovate with this shape, nor wanted to develop a new technology. Nevertheless it is trendy, and it’s useful to have fun with other surfers.

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