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North Spain surfing spots


Not only in Miami, Cancun or on the beaches of Australia surfers can dream of the best waves in the world.

In Spain we are privileged because we have some amazing places where lovers can catch waves to realize their dreams.

North of our country is a magical place to practice this sport on the rise. There are many suitable areas such as beaches Gijón or San Sebastian, but undoubtedly the most cache are the beaches of Cantabria.

Although throughout the Cantabrian coast can be spectacular surfing conditions, both weather as waves, there are two beaches that have won fame and erecida positions of honor in the spot map (surf spots) world. These two are havens Somo beach and Liencres beach.

Somo is a very wide beach, perfect for learning, and that novices will not have anyone around who annoy. In addition, days with rough seas, the most experienced will enjoy with waves of 3 or 4 meters.

For its part, says Liencres Beach waves during the whole year, although the rest of the coast the sea is calm.

If you want to get started in this sport, it is important that professionals come to the best surf school in Northern Spain.

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