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1 March, 2013
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24 March, 2013
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New revolutionary surfing App


The technological revolution comes to the world of surfing. A free application allows to know the conditions for surfing, compete against users from around the world, record your sessions and improve your performance.

A team of entrepreneurs, led by Mikel Alonso, has launched Glassy Pro, a project that aims to be the reference application for surfers. This initiative, developed in Spain, aims to spread globally and reach all board sports (surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding). As explained by Mikel Alonso, a surfer with over twenty years of experience, “social networks have always allowed to share photos or locations but sharing sessions and progress at sea or compete against users from around the world in real time is something that we hadn’t got so far. ”

Glassy Pro hopes to become the indispensable application for all mobile surf lovers. To achieve this objective, it provides information on the conditions of more than 4,000 spots worldwide and will reach 10,000 in the coming months. The forecast data includes wave height, swell direction, wind speed and direction, wave period, sunrise and sunset, tides and tidal coefficients, etc. One of the most useful features for surfers is sending notifications when conditions are suitable.

The smartphone app locates the spot where you are surfing and time measurement session. In future versions, it will be possible to measure the number of waves surfed and height of these. But this is not it. Glassy Pro is also working on a small hardware device that allows all measurements without mobile. This device sends information to the server in real time, allowing to present the characteristics of the session to other users.

“As soon as the user leaves the water, you can load data from your surf session and navigate the previous session history”, stressed Torrenti. These data are from the total session time, the average height of the waves, the weather, surf mates in the spot, equipment used and the location of the meeting, among others.

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