Natxo Gonzalez makes history at Nazaré

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19 February, 2019
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28 February, 2019
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Natxo Gonzalez makes history at Nazaré

Natxo Gonzalez Nazaré Portugal

Natxo Gonzalez (Basque Country – Spain) made history at Nazaré as he got a perfect 10 after getting in a barrel at the monster waves of Nazaré, Portugal.

It was the Nazaré Challenge, perhaps one of the most dangerous challenges of the entire world as we all know that Nazaré has the biggest waves in the planet. As said by the World Surf League, “getting barreled in Nazaré is an extremely rare thing and Gonzalez was able to pull it off during a contest”. Therefore, the ‘vasco’ took home the Most Committed Award.

As the 2019 Big Wave Awards is due for April, Gonzalez decided to submit Jon Aspuru’s video for the Ride of the Year Entry, and as we said, as it says so rare to barrel at Nazaré, he might have many chances to win it.

The World Surf League interviewed him and asked him:

“What was going through your head when you were paddling out?
When this particular wave appeared I knew it was going to be a bomb. I knew that if I was in the right place, I could make a big barrel. No one did it before so sometimes you think it’s impossible but I just tried to be in the right position. My goal was to make a barrel. When this wave appeared I knew it was the one. “

As you might know already the “Ride of the Year” Award doesn’t necessarily have to be the biggest wave ever. Here they look for the best ride itself taking into consideration plenty of conditions. You can take a look at all the applicants and their videos here.

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