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Munich: River Surfing Mecca

Surf in Munich

Surf can be practiced everywhere: Munich.

I myself have never been to Munich but I’m certain that if I go and I will, I’ll have to stop five minutes and see what goes on on their rivers just in the city! River Surfers with wetsuits get into the static river waves even when it’s snowing, a remarkable thing to do that demonstrates the passion that one might have for surfing. If you are a hard worker from elsewhere and used to surf in the Ocean and now you find yourself immersed in Munich’s city, you might don’t want to forget your origins and keep on surfing even if is is in a river ! As you can see on the video below it seems quite difficult, people just get in there and try to control the river wave and sometimes perform 360’s and other tricks, it’s just amazing to watch. Take a look at the surfers of the Eisbach river, Munich.



There is a surfing documentary called “Keep Surfing” of 2009 which tells us about the history of riversurfing in Munich. It’s amazing to watch I sincerely recommend this doc to you all. It has a 7,3 out of 10 on IMDB so it’s worth a try. And now you know, if you are planning to visit Munich even in winter this is your moment to enter a surf shop in the city and rent a surfboard and wetsuit to kill those river waves !

It’s fascinating to know that people can’t live without surfing even if you are in a great city, and the slightest chance you find to take your surfboard out of the cupbard will be used! But it’s also horrifying to discover that you won’t avoid waiting for your wave not even in a river ! As you can see in the video and pics, there are always people wanting to surf the river waves, so you will never be alone in the water which would be quite fun. It seems the only way to fight the influx of people in river waves and beaches is creating wave swimming pools like Kelly Slater’s, and I’m sure he did it for the same reason, he is always speaking about how difficult it is to catch a wave these days in certain spots, and how dangerous that can be, but we will discuss that in another post. If you want to learn to surf, come to our Surf School in Tenerife.


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