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Matt Wilkinson wins Fiji Pro

Wilkinson Fiji Pro

According to the World Surf League, Matt Wilkinson’s come back since mid-season this year has been impressive. Now he’s back on the Jeep’s Leader position. He had to face Connor O’Leary, a rookie surfer who did quite well, and even obliged Wilkinson to have to fight back to surpass him. This is the second consecutive year in which Matt Wilkinson leaves Fiji wearing the Jeep Leader Jersey and with a stunning surfing as well. It seems he is surfing better than ever now.

“I think the difference has been his rail work,” says Martin Potter (former professional surfer). “He’s always been good in the barrel, and his backhand is lethal, but this year he’s really been focusing on the forehand turns, and it’s really paying off.”

The World Surf League website says that Wilkinson strived to be at the Pro’s level until 2016 and was very difficult for him. But the fact remains in his ability to be creative, and that creativity is what has taken him to first position. But it could never have been without the help of Glenn “Micro” Hall, who had an incredible impact on Wilkinson’s surfing as he learned to be strategic and disciplined, but maintaining the usual flair.

And now we have to go to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa to see what happens there, a powerful right hand wave that we must all see. Want to learn to surf? Come to our surf school in Tenerife.

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