Looking for a last minute Christmas present?

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9 December, 2015
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Looking for a last minute Christmas present?

Christmas is right around the corner and I bet some of you, like me, are still running around town – or Amazon – desperately looking for some last minute Christmas presents. Luckily us surfers are rather easy to get presents for. Well, maybe not, but here are some ideas anyway!

But what to get someone who’s yearning for the beach all year long and seems to be in a permanent need of summer, when it’s december and their favorite season seems to be as far away as ever? The best thing would probably be airplane tickets to Bali, but if that happens to be slightly outside of your budget – or at least the one you are willing to spend on presents – not to worry, there are always some less pricey items that will help a surfer through the winter.

Balance Board

Balance boards are a great medium for improving balance and training for the surf season. It might be hard to get into the right flow at first, but once figured out they are a lot of fun and with a bit of practice even tricks are possible. The best part is that an improved balance is also super helpful for surfing. You can buy a balance board from various different brands on the internet or at your local surf dealer or if really last minute just make one yourself:

Yoga Mat

There is a reason we at Atlantik Surf offer yoga classes as part of our surf camp in Cantabria. Yoga strengthens the body and improves balance and flexibility, thus generally reducing the injury risk and improving performance on the surfboard. A good yoga mat should therefore be indispensable in the workout kit of any surfer. Of course there are also specific poses for surfers. Yoga teacher Emma Lovick explains some of them on Magicseaweed.

Carver Board

Surfing on concrete? No problem with a carver board! Carver boards are a combination of a skateboard, a long board and a surfboard, resulting in a small board that cruises like a longboard but also allows for rapid turns like a skateboard. Riding one is probably the closest skateboarding will ever get to surfing and every surfer would love to be able to cruise the city making it their second favorite playground.

And if nothing helps remember, those flights to Bali are always an option.

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