Italo Ferreira wins at Keramas, Bali

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Italo Ferreira wins at Keramas, Bali

Italo Ferreira, Keramas, Bali.

Julian Wilson has lost the number 1 ranking after Italo Ferreira won the Keramas contest in Bali. And the Brazilian was just amazing, even asking for a 10 whenever he thought he deserved it, raising his both hands to the public in order to make some pressure to the judges, he got that 10 though and he deserved it after an incredible aerial 360 and then a skateboard type Pop Shove it as if he was skating with a little board, just incredible how he dominates the board…

Michel Bourez from French Polynesia was second in this tournament in Bali so he improved his ranking climbing up 3 positions and settling in nuber 4 in the Jeep Leaderboard ranking. Filipe Toledo and Julian Wilson are 2nd and 3rd respectively, so now we know who are the clear contenders for the title although this has just started, but we can see that this is going to be between Brazil and Australia.

I say this because number 5 currently is Gabriel Medina from Brazil and number 6 is Adrian Buchan from Australia. The only one in the Top 6 that isn’t either from Brazil or Australia is Bourez from Polynesia but it’s quite difficult to see him ending up numer 1 in the table. We’ll see what happens as we move to another super spot in South Africa, J-Bay. We have to remember that Filipe Toledo is the defending champion, so let’s see how he does this time. For the meantime, come learn to surf in Tenerife.

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