Which is the best surfing spot in Tenerife?

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Which is the best surfing spot in Tenerife?

Surf el socorro

If you are looking for the best surfing spot in Tenerife you have arrived to the correct site. We specialize in Surfing Lessons in Tenerife and therefore we do know which are the best surfing spots in Tenerife, but if we had to choose only one, what would it be?

Of course this is something very relative and it depends on everybody’s opinion but, if we had to take into consideration things like type of waves, accesibility, regularity and swells I would definitely choose EL SOCORRO.

El Socorro is famous for its waves and surfing since ages ago. In spite of not having many pictures of El Socorro in the 1960’s and earlier, I remember there was a documentary by Canal + that spoke about how surgin was in the island during those ages and, apart from Surfing in Las Américas, a virgin beach by then and massively crowded nowadays, they also spoke about giant waves at El Socorro.

El Socorro has always been a true surfing beach. During summer, plenty of people go there to swim as well as swells and tides get easier for everybody to swim in the beach, but the truth is that when huge tides come to the island, only the PROs get into the water at El Socorro.

If you want to go to El Socorro beach you have to head towards the town of Los Realejos, next to Puerto de la Cruz in the north side of Tenerife. If you follow the coastal road that will take you to Icod de los Vinos, etc, you will see a sign to your right saying Playa de El Socorro, turn right and keep going down following the signs. It’s usually very difficult to parkk down there as it is so famous but if you can’t find parking you should park up there in the parking lot just next to the road. If you need to take surfing lessons in Tenerife call Atlantik Surf or book online.

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