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22 June, 2017
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Barcelona Surf Film Festival 2017

Hi all ! Are you ready to go to the Barcelona Surf Film Festival from the 5th to the 7th of July? The Barcelona Surf Film Festival 2017 is the 5th edition and it will gather plenty of surfers from 18h to 1am at the “Jardines del Baluard of the Museu Marítim de Barcelona” under the slogan: “Life Between Swells”.

A good swell for everybody. Cancel all your plans. Surf passes on to be the first thing for everybody during these days. Surfing waves in the only thing that makes sense, but when there are no waves, we all gather at the “Life Between Swells”, the life that comes between swell and swell. What do you do? Do you skate, play football, soccer, run, paddle? All surfers have other hobbies when there are no waves but we all spend time chatting about the next one, well this is the place !

Look for inspiration, videos, new things, new materials, share some beers with your friends or with your eternal surfing rival ! This edition of the Barcelona Surf Film Festival will tell us the best options for your life between swells. Ideal afternoons, afterworks, etc, and then, as the sun goes down, they’ll start putting plenty of national and international surfing movies, the BCNSurf Films. And of course, in order to respect nature and green life, it’ll be a Zero Waste Festival too.

If you need more information go to their official website. And if you are in Tenerife instead of Barcelona, come and learn to surf with us !

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