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Another way of Surfing: Jetsurfing

When the first surfboard was created in Hawaii during the late XVIII century, I’m sure the Hawaiians couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen and how the sport would evolve since then. Captain Cook reported how Hawaiians spent their time surfing and how the great chief had the best surfboard. Then it was James King who after Cook sent us some reports of what people did over there in the islands everytime swells appeared, but none of them could imagine that that first piece of wood would end up having dozens of brothers and sisters with the creation of proper surfboards, bodyboards, windsurf boards, Kitesurfs, longboards, Mallibus, etc.

Well now in 2018, it seems that there is a new kind of surfboard that has an engine inside in order to gain more speed and perhaps avoid getting caught inside ! It the new Jetsurf, a motorized surfboard that in the words of their creators, they are…

“Introducing the lightest motorized surfboard with the most powerful motor in its category, weighing 42 lbs and reaching speeds up to 36 mph. Jetsurf is made of carbon fiber and were produced by F1 and MotoGP racing engineers, Jet surf boards can be used in any water conditions and are easily transported around the world by plane, car or boat. More than just a surfboard or wakeboard explore the world by Jetsurfing.” (

Can you imagine jetsurfing contests and some years time? what kind of manouvers are we going to see? will people literally fly in the sky with these jetsurfs? Who knows? We might even end up giving Jetsurfing lessons in some years time.. 😉 Until then, learn to surf with Atlantik Surf. 


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