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6 August, 2012
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18 August, 2012
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40 basque companies promote surfing


According to data used by those responsible for tourism, surfing attracts each year the Basque Country over 20,000 visitors from around the world, employs about 600 people and, according to statistics, brings more than 8 million per year to the Product GDP of the community.

The 40 companies participating in this first stage the surf club are mainly schools, surf camps and specialized accommodation, although there are also tied outlets, surf guides and receptive.

Although these numbers are very encouraging, this club can grow further in the short and medium term and Euskadi currently in more than 100 tourist service companies working in this segment: 26 surf schools, 3 schools of stand up paddle, 9 receptive surf guide, 3 surfcamps, 25 accommodation, 5 organizations, events, restaurants, travel agencies and rental and water sports.

If you want to learn to surf, they need the supervision of the great specialists of surfing in Spain.

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