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2017 Cosmic Children Festival

Picture taken from their official website:

The 2017 Cosmic Children Festival is just about to start, in only 3 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours according to the official website, plenty of surfers around the world will gather in Faro de Santader (16 June) and then in Playa de Liencres (17-18 June) this summer. Never before you’ve seen people riding waves dressep up like Obi-Wan Kenobi, C3-PO, Avatar or X-Men. It’s a lot of fun and you have it all this very summer 2017.


They’ve been organizing this kind of event since 11 years ago and this time, in summer 2017, some things will change. There will be two different categories: Pro Surfers and Amateurs. And then you have these contests:

• Single Fin
Surfing with just one fin on your board.

• Twin Fin
Surfing sessions with twinfins, bonzers, quads

• Grommets
Surfers under 14 years old going retro.

• Cosmic Lolitas

Female surfers going retro.

• Veterans
+50 yrs old with their own boards.

Then you will have plenty of side activities for all kinf of people. “Conduct environmental activities, most freak contests, workshops or lectures of some character with something interesting to say, retro tables exhibits and experimental, esurf photography exhibitions, or just a little game for children of surfers who have joined us” as said in their website.

It’s something different to do this June, have some fun with your kids and family, gather up with plenty of families, compete and have fun. Come back with a prize, and if you want to learn to surf in Tenerife before going, come to Atlantik Surf.


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