10 signs you really need to go back to Ajo this summer (Part 2)

10 signs you really need to go back to Ajo this summer (Part 1)
24 June, 2015
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20 July, 2015
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10 signs you really need to go back to Ajo this summer (Part 2)

Surf course

  1. You feel the most comfortable wearing your AS hoodie.
...might not have to go as outfit crazy as our yoga teacher

…might not have to go as outfit crazy as our yoga teacher

You recently noticed yourself more frequently picking your AS hoodie as your preferred clothing item of the day. Given that it is incredibly comfortable and looks just awesome on you it sure always is one of the best choices to make. It’s just that your friends have been starting to wonder where all your other clothes went, especially since when not wearing the hoodie you’ll be seen sporting your AS shirt/cap/boardshorts…



  1. You’ve started your own version of Taco Night.
Taco Night

Taco Night

Having been in Ajo for at least one week you have gotten used to being served once every week what probably qualifies as the biggest taco buffet in the region. Like many others you probably also overestimated the maximum amount of jalapeño peppers you can eat in the same taco. And sitting there sweating, crying and burning out from the inside you decided to never let a week in your life pass without this kind of feast ever again.




  1. Your desktop background looks like this:

    Ajo Beaches

    Ajo Beaches

Admit it, you just can’t take your eyes off the iconic Cantabrian coastline and hiking up to the highest point in Ajo overlooking the Playas de Cuberris and Antuerta, or “La Cala” as we at Atlantik Surf call it, was so worth it just to take in the incredible beauty you’re surrounded by.




  1. You have self-consciously signed up for the local gym trying to get your back and shoulder muscles in shape…

We all know the feeling, summer is finally there, you can’t wait to get in the water and on the surfboard and suddenly realization hits: you’re not as fit as you thought you’d be. What happened? Well you might be a generally active person, but surfing you just use way different muscle groups than with what you’re doing the rest of the year. After a couple of days on the board you’re usually more or less back to where you ended off last summer, but wouldn’t it be great to skip these first few days of pain and arrive teeming with strength, ready to hit the waves?



  1. …all the while you’re hearing a voice in your head shouting “paddle, paddle, paddle” at you.
Yoga in Ajo

Yoga in Ajo

No sooner said than done! You’re at the gym working out, doing yoga, jiu-jitsu, swimming laps in the pool or whichever other activity has come to your liking. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not, but what’s definitely a given is that tiny voice in your head getting louder and louder keeping you going shouting: “paddle, paddle, paddle!”




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