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1 million signatures to free Bali from its plastic waste


Bye-bye plastic bags on Bali

“If Bali doesn’t do something serious about its pollution, it’ll be impossible to surf here in a few years. Worst I’ve ever seen.” (Kelly Slater)

One year later the pollution seems to get worse. Bali’s beaches are full of waste. The monsoonal rain this year swept along tons of plastic into the sea. Onshore wind would wash ashore all trash to the beaches. Bali obviously isn’t aware of its tragedy. Not getting rid of all its waste they dump it illegally in the creeks. The governor Made Mangku Pastika is closing his eyes to he fact that this situation needs a political intervention. Instead he is waving aside this problem declaring it as a „natural phenomenon“. “This problem is not anyone’s fault, but is due to a natural phenomenon that routinely occurs,” (Made Mangku Pastika).

Young surfer and Bali resident, Sonny Perrussel, 13, and his friends don’t want to accept the fact that they have to surf in rubbish any longer and initiated a petition against plastic bags. They reached an agreement with Governor Pastica that if they gained one million signatures on their petition, that he would ban the manufacture, distribution and use of plastic bags on Bali.


So far they have gained over 41 thousands signatures. On the platform Avaaz the youngsters are applying for our assistance in order to get one million signatures.

„Bali is our home and covered by waste of Plastic. We want to stop this. We want to collect 1 million signatures to create and activate a law that forbids the use of plastic bags on Bali. It only takes one action…Sign…it has been done before in other places. So together we can do this for Bali.“ Thank you, Melati 12 and Isabel 10

If you wish to help, sign the petition HERE.

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