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    1Could I travel on my own?
    Yes, and you won’t be the only one. A lot of participants come to the surfcamp on their own. Once there, you will meet people in the same situation and you will make new friends, it is a whole new experience!
    2 What is the minimum age to take part in the surfcamp?
    The minimum age is 16 years old (already 16, not soon to be) for participants coming alone.

    As the surfcamp is "family friendly", under 16 are admitted when they are coming with parents / guardians over 18 years old.
    3 At what time do I have to be there on arrival day? What is the time to leave upon departure?
    Usually, arrivals are on Saturdays from 1pm until dinner time at 8 pm. If for any reason, your arrival time´s is earlier or later, please let them know to confirm it.

    The departure Saturday, you will have to leave your tent in the same conditions you found it before 10.30 pm to leave it free for the new participants. Like on arrivals, you could stay at the surfcamp after leaving the tent until dinner time.
    4 Is there any internet connection or Wi-Fi point?
    At the bar next to reception, there is 24 hours Wi-Fi conection, but you must have your own electronic device (such as iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc).
    5 Could I charge my phone (or mp3, camera’s battery, etc) at the surfcamp?
    Yes. There are plugs in the common areas and you can use them to charge your electronic devices. You will always have to be responsible of your own belongings.
    6What do I have to take with me?
    We recommend you to take with you sun protection, beach towel and another towel for the shower, a torch, sleeping bag with pillow, and all other necessary items.

    If your sleeping bag is very thin, we also recommend you to bring a blanket with you, as during the nights the temperatures go down, even during summer.

    We also recommend wearing comfortable clothing, and also something warm to wear. You also have to take with you your own cutlery to eat (cutlery, plates, glasses…).
    7Where will I sleep? How are the tents? Do they have electricity?
    The tents are quite spacious, they have capacity for 4 people, however, only 3 people will share each tent, so you are more comfortable and have more space for the camping bed and your belongings. Tents are 4 m wide and 2,5 m at the highest part

    Each participant will have a single camping matress (90 cm x 190 cm). They don’t require any additional isolation as they are not in touch with the ground.

    When private tent with double bed has been booked, camping mattress measures are 135 cm x 190 cm.

    They do not have electricity, therefore we recommend you to bring your own torch. Please see above the question related to chargers and plugs to locate electricity points.
    8Are there any lockers or safes?
    Surfcamp does not have any lockers or safes, but in general it is a very quiet area and Camping Rodero has their own security team. There will be always someone from the surfcamp team on duty during the day.

    If you still need to keep something under lock, there is camp office where camp manager can store valuables exceptionally (cameras, laptops..).
    9How much money should I take with me? Is there ATM (cash machines)?
    We don’t recommend you to have too much cash. You only have to take note that there is a deposit of 25€ to be paid upon arrival, that the excursions are not included in the total price of the surfcamp as they require a minimum number of participants.

    In the town of Comillas (4 km from surfcamp) there are several cash machines of Santander and Caja Cantabria.

    Please remember that the half board does not include lunch, and also that dinner does not include drinks (you can buy water, a selection of soft drinks and beers at the surfcamp for a fair price, or anything you want at nearby supermarkets or bars).

    During breakfast, you can prepare a small picnic to take with you to the beach.
    10I have some dietary requirements – allergies or similar. Can you take it into account?
    Yes, we always bear it in mind. You should let us know before your arrival to the surfcamp, so kitchen team can plan beforehand the necessary alternatives in the menu.

    Vegetarian and vegan diets as well as lactose intolerance are possible.

    Gluten free menus are possible only if you are celiac.
    11What about the under aged?
    Under aged participants have some specific rules they have to compel; they are read to the group during the welcome meeting.

    They are not treated as children, but we will expect them to be responsible and to respect all the rules of the surfcamp during any activity, especially the specific ones as minors. They will not be permitted to smoke or drink any alcoholic beverage.

    During the day, they will have to ask one of camp team members if they want to leave the Camping Rodero facilities (bike rides, shopping in Comillas, etc), there will always be someone from the team on duty at the surfcamp.

    After dinner, they can’t leave the camping facilities, unless they are accompanied by team members for some activity.

    Under aged surf on their own, or use any material rented by third parties to practice surf without the supervision of the instructors.
    12What is the average age of the participants?
    In July, the average age is 19, during August and September, around 23 years old.
    13 Could I use the equipment once the lessons are finished for the day?
    Surf equipment can be used after lessons by participants over 18 years old if its available and as long the conditions to its usage are adequate. The instructors will advise. If the conditions for practicing surf are inadequate or dangerous, it will not be possible.
    14 I have taken lessons previously, but I am not sure about my level, what do you suggest me?
    The ideal would be to start in the beginner course if you took your lessons a long time ago and you haven’t practiced since. This way you will refresh your basic knowledge and you instructor can locate your level. If necessary, we will reallocate you in other group more adequate to your level, so you can keep on learning and improving your technique.
    15Is there surf lessons if the weather is bad?
    Bad weather is not a reason to cancel courses. If there is a storm or it is pouring down with rain, the lessons will be postponed for another day.
    16Do you offer lunch?
    The camp includes half board + picnic. This means that there will be a varied breakfast buffet from 9.00 am to 10.30 am daily where you can have breakfast and have a picnic for the beach. 6 dinners are included in 7 nights, since one of the days organizes the trip to Picos de Europa or Comillas after breakfast and participants will not be in the camp for dinner. If you want to have lunch in the area, there is a bar in campsite and some bars and restaurants on the beach area.
    17Is there a parking close? Is it free?
    There is a parking lot at the campsite, unfortunately campsite will charge 5 € / day and its depends on their availability. There are free parking close to the beach and nearby roads.
    18Transfer service.
    Transfers to/from airports and/or train/bus stations in Santander (30€) or Bilbao (40e) need to be confirmed at least 1 week before the starting day of the surfcamp.

    Prices are per way and they are not included in the surfcamp price.

    Take note it will be offered on Saturdays between 11 am and 4 pm. You will also have to check any exception.

    It usually requires your payment in advance along with the amount of the camp and exceptionally also can be paid the surfcamp.

    - Bilbao – 40 €

    - Santander – 30 €