Accommodation and Meals at the Surfcamp

Accomodation and Meals


Our surfcamp is located in the Camping Arenas, a 1st category campsite, only 300 meters away from the Cuberris Beach in Ajo, in the town of Bareyo. Camping Arenas has a swimming pool with waterslides ideal to have fun with your campmates after surfing lessons; WIFI area to be connected if necessary; bar and restaurant to stop when you are hungry after the beach (we recommend their menus and burgers); for the sporty and energetic participants you can enjoy paddle, beach volley and football-7 fields as well as a multisport field. It is aclean campsite with toilets and showers with hot water, as well as washing machine, dryer and laundry. All surfcamp participants can use all the camping facilities and also our team will organize activities during the week there. Our surfcamp owns several big tents in our plot for the kitchen, dining room and other common areas, such as the material tent for our surf, sporty and fun equipment; another big tent (chill out tent) with coaches, TV and board games (cards, chess, parchesi, poker,…) to relax, read or watch surf movies during the day and having funny times with campmates and our crew in the evening. We also have atable-tennis to play anytime you want and pushbikes free of charge that you can borrow to go around Ajo or to town in your free time. In the common areas you can recharge your electronic devices (mobile phones, cameras, mp3, etc).
The accommodation of participants will be in spacious and high tents for 2 people. Although they can store up to 4 people, only 2 participants will share the tent. Everyone will be in an individual compartment isolated from ground and separated from the other section by a common area without insulation. This is luxury for any camper as you won’t be sleeping on the ground. Each compartment has an individual camp-bed or mattress for camping and also enough space to distribute belongings. Each participant must bring sleeping bag, pillow, torch and other necessary things that we advise on the following link: Recommendations. If you are specially tall or would like to sleep with your couple (adults only), we suggest you to bring a mattress that suits your size, given that the measures of our beds and mattresses are standard and you need to rest as comfortable as possible after your surfing lessons (for more details about measures of our tents and more information visit our FAQ).


Every day we will be offering abundant and delicious food.

Every morning you will start the day with a wide variety of food at our breakfast buffet (9.00 – 10.00 am): freshly baked bread directly from traditional bakery in town, muesli and cereals, butter, jam and nutella, cheeses and cold meat, fruits and vegetables, milk, coffee, cacao, tea and fruit juices… will guarantee a lot of energy to start a brilliant day.

At breakfast, it would be wise if you prepared for yourself a small picnic like a sandwich and fruits for example, as we do not offer lunch at the camp.

Participants who prefer having lunch in the surroundings can enjoy delicious dishes and menus in the restaurant of the Camping Arenas, the beach area and even in the town of Ajo.

Dinner will be at the end of the day at 20.00 – 21.00 hours; it consists of a hot main course, salads and dessert. Our chefs prepare a balanced, plentiful and especially delicious diet. We have had vegetarians and vegan clients before, so we have a vegetarian menu and if possible, we’ll prepare a vegan menu as well.

We recall the participants must bring their own cutlery, plates and glasses for meals. Remember that drinks are not included at dinner.

In order to get things done neatly we will ask you once a week to help the kitchen crew out with the preparation and cleaning up of the meals.