Surf Courses in Cantabria

Surf Camp

Our surf courses in North Spain are taught in small groups of up to eight people by qualified surf instructors in order to correct each mistake individually.

We have different surfboards to suit you.  Variety of sizes and shapes to offer you the most suitable surf board. Furthermore we offer you excellent wetsuits to beware of getting cold after long hours in the water.

Surfcourses are starting on Sundays until Fridays. On Saturday we don’t have time to offer surf lessons due to we will be busy with the arrivals and departures. Try our surfing lessons in Spain, we are in Cantabria, Ajo Beach, Santander Province. Open every summer !

General lessons’ schedule

Day: Saturday (arrival) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday (departure)
Nº of lessons: 0 1 3 3 3 3 2 0
1 Lesson = 60 minutes

Surf courses in Cantabria:


The Beginner Surf Course consists of 15 lessons every week.

Our aim is to make you enjoy standing on a board as soon as possible. In order to obtain this result we use our own teaching methods, which we have developed through out the years of experience.

Though the lessons are mainly practical, we will not let you leave without knowing about currents, tides, surf material, wave forming and other interesting information about surfing.

The Intermediate Surf Course consists of 15 lessons every week.

This is a course for people who already have taken part in another course and want to continue progressing as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to make you catch the green waves (unbroken waves), start surfing their face and maybe even do your first turns. As the courses are given in small groups you will benefit from individual treatment and correction in order to achieve your goals.


The Advanced Surf Course consists of 15 lessons every week.

This course is mainly focused on people surfing almost every wave’s face side wards, willing to correct this and starting their first turns. You should feel comfortable in wave’s in-between 1-1.5 meters.

The aim of the course will be agreed with the surf teacher at the beginning of the first lesson.