19 December, 2017

J.J. Florence wins second world title in a row

John John Florence didn’t win the Pipeline Masters (French surfer Jeremy Flores did), but he has just become the current 2017 Champion of the world as […]
13 December, 2017
Surfing Family

The First Surfing Family

If you are a true surfer you might have dreamt of going on a never-ending Surf Trip and raise dozens of children in a surfing manner. […]
28 November, 2017
Caught inside surfing

How to avoid getting Caught Inside in Surfing!

If you are learning to surf I’m sure you’ve got caught inside more than once and you might have been obliged to get out the water, […]
21 November, 2017

How to make your own wooden surfboard

In order to make this post I’ve consulted Luigier Crest’s article on the same issue. You can take a look at his articles here, but they are […]
13 November, 2017

Women’s world title is even tighter than men’s

If a couple of weeks ago we said that up to 4 guys were possible contenders for the Men’s Surfing most highest Title (men’s Championship Tour), […]
9 November, 2017

Nazaré is back again

This post is a translation of Luigier Crest’s post in Spanish. The European Mecca of giant waves is just about to start (Dec 17). This past […]
30 October, 2017

Who will win the 2017 Surfing World Title?

As said by the World Surf League and as we expected and have been informing since a couple of posts ago, the 2017’s surfing world championship […]
20 October, 2017
Gabriel medina

Gabriel Medina wins the Quicksilver PRO France

As we said in our previous post on the Quicksilver Pro France, and according to the World Surf League website as well, Gabriel Medina was the […]
11 October, 2017

History of Surfing in Spain

When did surf appear in Spain? Who were the first surfers in Spain? These a questiones that don’t have scientific or proved answers, although from what […]
9 October, 2017
Gabriel Medina Surfer

And now the Quicksilver PRO France

As you might know already the Surfing season has 11 major championships and there are only 3 left: Quicksilver Pro France, MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal […]
27 September, 2017
Tatiana Weston-Webb

Tatiana Weston-Webb: Surfing Khaleesi

Tatiana Weston-Webb is probably the sexiest surfer of all times. Born in May 9, 1996 in Porto Alegre, Brazil (21 years old), is a Brazilian / […]
25 September, 2017

Professional Surf Lessons in Tenerife

Are you looking for Professional Surf Lessons in Tenerife? You have landed on the right spot. Atlantik Surf is a Tenerife based company that has been […]