20 March, 2017

The World Surf League is about to start in Spain

The World Surf League is heating up engines and is getting ready, one more year, to unfold the best of International surfing in our country: Spain. Five […]
15 March, 2017
Surf in Munich

Munich: River Surfing Mecca

I myself have never been to Munich but I’m certain that if I go and I will, I’ll have to stop five minutes and see what […]
12 March, 2017
Ola de San Borondón, Tenerife

7 Surf Spots in the Canary Islands

El Frontón, Gran Canaria: One of the most amazing waves in the planet, powerful, dangerous, merciless, magestic, Canarian ! Just a wonderful wave that is so hollow […]
7 March, 2017

Jeff Hubbard wins another tournament at 41 years old

I don’t know about you, but it makes me very happy to see that Surfing and Bodyboarding are ageless. Since I was a kid I always […]
23 February, 2017

Should we cull sharks in Réunion Island ?

If you haven’t heard what has happened recently or has been happening since a decade ago, this post title might offend you, but when you listen […]
17 February, 2017

Mickey Dora’s unique style

As you might have observed in life, there are people with style: a walking style, a dancing style, a football style and of course, A surfing […]
13 February, 2017

Mike Stewart

Today I’d like to speak about one of the best surfers in the world, Mike Stewart: 9-time bodyboarding champion, 13-time Pipeline Bodysurfing Champion, smart, happy, friendly, […]
9 February, 2017

Weirdest Surfboards Ever

This is a translation of Luiger Crest’s post called Las Tablas de Surf más extrañas del mundo. Surfing can be a revolutionary thing nowadays but it […]
29 January, 2017

Biggest Waves in Tenerife

Perhaps many of you have surfed in Tenerife before, but where did you go? El Socorro, Los Patos, El Bollullo, El Ancón, Benijos, Taganana, Almáciga, Martiánez, […]
23 January, 2017
Surfing Sri Lanka

Surf Spots in Sri Lanka

Hi everyone! As you might know if you have lived in the Canary Islands, locals have always gone abroad to discover new waves and surfing spots. Since […]
17 January, 2017

Are these the best surfing spots in the world?

Global Surf News has published an article (you can take a look at it on the previous link), in which they say that the next spots […]
9 January, 2017

Top 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife

Hi dear surfers and surfing visitors that are willing to come to Tenerife. First of all, as you might not know us, we are a Surfing […]