22 July, 2012

10 surfing destinies

It has become a style, a philosophy of life. What began as a means of livelihood for the natives of Peru and Hawaii is today a […]
20 July, 2012

North Spain surfing spots

Not only in Miami, Cancun or on the beaches of Australia surfers can dream of the best waves in the world. In Spain we are privileged […]
8 July, 2012

XI Salinas Longboard Festival

This beautiful place is in the town of Salinas, located in the municipality of Castrillon, whose capital is Piedras Blancas. This village is located just minutes […]
5 July, 2012

2012 Surferucas Festival

Because equality is everyone’s business and as the sport knows no gender, Surferucas Festival 2012 again show that women have much to say on a board […]
20 June, 2012

Best surfing spots in Spain

California remains the mecca of surfing but with each passing day surfers of different countries are better spots or surf spots in their home countries. Each […]
11 June, 2012

Cantabria Surfcamps

Do not have any plan prepared for your summer vacation? Does the stress of work has prevented you from thinking about your summer getaway? Do you […]
15 May, 2012

Guillermo Alonso wins the San Miguel Cracks del Surf

At 23 years, has become a TV star thanks to the sport. Surf teacher, this experience proved to continue growing. He entered the Academy of San […]
6 May, 2012

Solidary Surf in Salinas

The day will start on the beach in Salinas, one of the longest beaches in the Principality, with a Junior Championship organized by the Asturian Federation […]
2 May, 2012

I Costasurf Longboard Clinic

In this I Longboard Clinic organized by Costasurf will form two groups of seven students, who will alternate between the theory and practice the beach the […]
1 May, 2012

Nike Lowers Pro 2012

The beach at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California, will host from 1 to 5 May 2012 one of the most important events of the year: […]
21 April, 2012

Roxy Girl 2012 Contest

Do you feel that the sea makes you free, you can fly over the waves, your spirit soars to touch the sky? If you experience a […]
15 April, 2012

Quiksilver Boardriders Week

Everything is ready. Countdown finished. Start a new edition of the Quiksilver Boardriders Week, setting different shifts from April to October 2012 in the French town […]