27 January, 2014

How does the monster wave of Nazaré arise?

The secret of Nazaré Canyon The huge wave in front of Nazaré comes every winter. A mass of water rolls down the coast, rears up and […]
26 December, 2013

Taz, a Tenerife youngster, will shape for Olatu/Pukas

At the beginning of next year the young and coming shaper Taz, only 17 years old, will join the Olatu/Pukas team (Basque Country). He will be […]
20 December, 2013

ASP World Tour

With the Billabong Pipe Masters, the ASP World Tour went into the final round and was one oft the most exciting highlights of this season. Mick […]
5 November, 2013

Hero of the week: Kyle Thiermann

– Surfer / Activist/ Environmentalist – founder of Surfing for change Kyle Thiermann was born in Santa Cruz, California. Growing up in the so-called ‘Surf-City’, he […]
2 November, 2013

Women Who Run With the Tides

Who said that surfer girls have to look like Alana Blanchard? Michelle Shearer thought that there is another – well worth seeing – side to female […]
27 October, 2013

Nordic by nature – surfing in the Baltic

Last week I have been in Rostock, northern Germany. And since I was starring the whole week at the sea and there is no escape to […]
30 August, 2013

Surfspots in Cantabria

Without any doubt home is where your heart is and mine beats for Playa Cuberris, Ajo, Cantabria. But just in case you want to see more […]
14 July, 2013

Roxy Pro Biarritz

Or much ado about nothing… It was supposed to be one of the highlights of the summer. The Roxy Pro in Biarritz, France. The Crème de […]